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Frequently asked questions

Is there an age requirement for Dream Girls Academy?

Yes, the first group level is the Ruby (Ages 11-14). Then we transition to the rare Diamond (Ages 15-18); Emerald (Ages 19-35). It is our plan that once a woman turns 36, she will have satisfied the requirement to be a Sapphire (Ages 36 and up).

What schools does Dream Girls Academy service?

DGA serves families in Champaign, Urbana and Rantoul schools.

Is there a cost to become a member of DGA?

Yes, there is a membership fee to benefit from our service. That’s why we work really hard at securing grants, funds and private donations to expense so families don’t have to.

What is the duration of a Dream Girls program?

The series of DGA sessions employed vary, based on specific needs. Due to scheduling between the school and calendar years, we have the flexibility to customize services for each family independently.

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Dream Girls Academy

is a non-profit organization based in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. We provide services and resources for women and children in the community.


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